I'm Jenni, a photographer from Southern Germany, moved to the UK in the middle of a worldwide pandemic for (of course) the sake of love. Now I'm based in Haywards Heath, West Sussex and love England with all my heart. Always happy to travel all across the UK and Europe for you though!

I was born in late december - maybe that's why i love snowy winter days and christmas time so much. Growing up in the countryside and helping my grandpa out in his huge garden have probably led to my immense love for nature, no matter if it's plants or animals, I'm all in. Being close to nature will always make a place feel like home to me.

Definitely a dog person, they are my favourite animals in the whole wide universe, although I did get pretty friendly with a bunch of cats lately, so as long as it's fluffy I will make sure to stop for a cuddle, no matter when and where.

Flat white lover in the morning, tea weakness around the clock - I cannot go past a single tea shop without stopping to explore some new tastes and there is an entire cupboard reserved in my kitchen for all my tea treasures. If I had to chose one food for the rest of my life it would definitely be Italian. What would yours be !?

I actually trained to be a kindergarten teacher and worked in the job for over almost 10 years. with an additional degree as a meditation & mindfulness trainer - so no matter what happens, trust me, I'll be chill (with the exception of spiders...).

You could probably say I have seen nearly every single romcom there is and I know Netflix inside out. Disney + Pixar films are what makes me feel good and there is no christmas without The Holiday. Spotify is a daily lifesaver, no matter if it's hours of podcasts or putting together new playlists with my favourite songs across all genres from hip - hop to indie rock.

east & west sussex,UK

haywards heath - Brighton - worthing